What our clients say

“Graham runs a very efficient actuarial service at very competitive rates with rapid turnaround which greatly helps us to complete work and meet deadlines. We are extremely happy and could not ask for better service. We look forward to continuing our very long professional relationship and thoroughly recommend Graham Osborn’s services.”

Sam Danieli
A D Danieli, Chartered Accountants

“We are confident that Graham can be relied upon to supply certificates as needed and within 24 hours. It is important to us for a quick turnaround as we are able to complete the job and bill our work in progress.
Always a pleasure to deal with you”

Julie Avakian
Elliott House, Chartered Accountants

“I find your 24 hour turnaround time excellent. We can continue to progress the accounts without putting the job aside and then having to refresh later. I am very happy with your service and keen to support small business.”

Sandra Goudie
Gauld Tulloch Bove, Chartered Accountants

“I’ve been really happy with the response times. Certainly quicker than the previous service we used. Very handy when a client suddenly ‘needs’ their financials.
I love the process. I used to fill in a spreadsheet from financials, which leaves room for error. Your process means as long as our financials are correct, then the info we provide you is correct. It’s very simple and quick.
As an early indication, I sometimes do a quick calculation of the tax free percentage, based on closing balances, and have not had any cause to think your certificates are not accurate.
I’m really impressed with the ease and simplicity of your service, and your assistance when I muck up an email”

Michele Hird
MCA Accountants Pty Ltd

“Your 24-hour turnaround (covering complex cases) helps the timely completion of my work. This in turn promotes goodwill to clients. We are very happy with the service we receive.”

Gary Wong
Wong & Fergusson, Chartered Accountants