G P Osborn has been supplying actuarial services since 1997, and are considered experts in the field. Our team draw on their extensive experience to offer exceptional service for a wide array of actuarial services, including:

Actuarial Certificates

Actuarial Certificates are an important part of ATO compliance for self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs).
An Actuarial Certificate is required when a superannuation fund is paying a pension during the ‘retirement phase’ and there are also non-pension accounts in the fund. The certificate itself is a legal document that states the proportion of a superannuation fund’s income that is exempt from tax.

For SMSFs, we provide three ways trustees can quickly and easily obtain these certificates while still maintaining a low cost.

  1. Email the general ledger to us in Excel format
  2. Complete an Excel form and email the form to us
  3. If your fund is administered on BGL 360, you are able to request a certificate from within the software.

If emailing the general ledger, for new funds we also require the dates of birth of the members and the name of the trustee. Detailed instructions on exactly what we need and how to best send the information are available here.

If you want to complete an Excel form, the required form can be downloaded here. Detailed instructions on how to fill out the Excel form are available here.

If your fund is administered on BGL 360, instructions are available within the software for requesting a certificate. Alternatively, we have put together detailed instructions on the process, available here.

Our prices, which include GST, are:

  • Certificates produced through the online administration system BGL 360 - $110
  • Certificates produced when we receive the data in a BGL general ledger or a completed Excel form - $132
  • Certificates produced when we receive the data by other methods - $165.