Instructions for Obtaining an Actuarial Certificate by Completing an Actuarial Certificate Application Form


1. Download the Form

Please click here to download the form.

NB: The form is in Excel format. If you do not have Excel, then you can view and print the form using the Excel mobile app which you can obtain from Google Play, iTunes or the Microsoft Store.

2. Complete the Form

(i) If you have Excel,:

Open the form in Excel. The form contains the instructions for each of the fields.

Please note that the Financial Year required in the “Fund Details and Certificate Year” section is a drop down box that is used to select the required year.

In filling out the form you can either use the TAB key to move to the next field or select the required field by right clicking on it with the mouse.

(ii) If you do not have Excel,:

Download the Excel mobile app from Google Play, iTunes or the Microsoft Store. Open the form in the app and print it out. The printed form can then be filled in.

3. Return the Form

When complete, please email the form to us at

If you have completed the printed form you can either:
(a) scan and email to, or
(b) post to Actuary, G P Osborn Pty Ltd, PO Box 806, Castle Hill, NSW, 1765.