Instructions for Obtaining an Actuarial Certificate by Emailing the General Ledger in Excel Format

Most clients find this method of obtaining a certificate the simplest and easiest. However, it can only be used if the administration software is capable of producing the general ledger in Excel format and the general ledger contains sufficient information for the production of the Actuarial Certificate.

Please contact us with the name of your administration software if you require further information.

If your administration software has the appropriate capabilities as mentioned above, then follow these easy steps….

1. Complete all Transactions for the Year

Complete all end of year transactions for your fund. Use the previous year’s tax-free percentage or an estimated tax-free percentage.

2. Prepare the General Ledger

According to the procedure for your administration software, prepare the General Ledger in Excel format.

3. Gather the Required Information

In addition to the General Ledger we require:

The name of the trustee, and
The dates of birth of the members.

4. Email the General Ledger

Send an email to with the General Ledger attached and the trustee/member information in the body of the email.

NB: In subsequent years for this fund, you do not need to send the trustee/member information as we keep this on file.

5. Finalising the Fund’s Accounts

When you receive the Actuarial Certificate from us showing the tax-free percentage, reverse appropriate end of year transactions, update the tax-free percentage in your software and produce the final accounts for your fund.